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Web Visions' Corporate Support Services are geared to the small and medium sized companies that may lack the financial resources to support a web development shop. Through a partnering agreement, Web Visions supplies consulting, web and database development, graphics and multimedia design, product development services, and can work with to successfully bid on new web-based work.  Currently, Web Visions provides support for these corporate partners:

  • Tech 2000, Inc.
  • Camber Corporation
  • Virginia Net Corporation
  • Nicolicious Productions
  • Consolidated Visions 

Prices for corporate support vary greatly depending on the needs of our partners.  An innovative approach we use is a fixed fee structure which includes a set number of support hours, a single point-of-contact representative, site hosting, and maintenance.  We also can provide support on an as needed basis by hourly rate. 

For our smaller clients that need E-Commerce support, Web Visions can provide support for Visa/Mastercard transactions, billing, and invoicing.  These services remove some significant barriers to entry in the E-Commerce arena.

Please call our office for information about our Corporate Services.  703-478-9003.